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LEGGA ONLINE: Istituzione della Religione Cristiana di Giovanni Calvino (1557 edizione in Italiano)

The work, "Apocalypsin Commentarii," by Francisco Ribera has been placed online so that those of a Catholic as well as a Protestant and Gospel faith might become more familiar with the two great divisions in apocalyptic interpretation, namely, the pre-Reformation and Protestant Reformation interpretation, which is known as the historical interpretation, and this, in comparison to the Counter-Reformation interpretation. This website was established for the purpose of presenting and examining the points of what began to be, at the time of the sixteenth century Reformation, an historical interpretation verses a counter-interpretation controversy. Modern prophetic interpretation gives us a number of views (e.g. dispensationalism, futurism, preterism, etc.) and, most frequently, a future apostasy and a future Antichrist, while the historical interpretation watches the rise of Antichrist with the apostasy of the early church and the fall of the Roman empire; a view which prevailed from Apostolic, through medieval, and into Reformation thought and theology.

The significance of Francisco Ribera and the "Apocalypsin Commentarii"

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Who was Francisco Ribera (biographical info)

Read biographical information about Francisco Ribera from the Biblioteca Virtual Miguel de Cervantes (in Spanish):

Francisco de Ribera, doctor y rector de la Universidad de Salamanca

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"In sacram beati Ioannis Apostoli & Evangelistae Apocalypsin Commentarii" by Francisco Ribera, 1602 edition

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